Ladies Deluxe Billie Kilt Black Watch

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Model: A04140_BLACK WATCH
65% Viscose / 35% Acetate Fiber
Size Range 8 to 20
Tartan with wide waistband and 2 belt buckles
Ladies Tartan Billie Kilt
JOHN MORRISON KILTMAKERS Ladies Tartan Kilted Skirt.  This stylish ladies kilted skirt features a flattering wide waistband with double buckle hip detail and comes in a range of traditional tartans. Show the world your Scottish pride!   John Morrison Kilts are great to make you look different and tasteful. They will make you look outstanding whether you wish you enrich your outfit by adding a Scottish accent or you simply favour tartan patterns.  Waist measurements:  size 8: 25-26 inches  size 10: 27-28 inches  size 12: 29-30 inches  size 14: 31-32 inches  size 16: 33-34 inches