Clan Kilt Pin Crawford

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Model: A05129_CRAWFORD
Clan Crested Kilt Pin
Measure approx. 3.5''
Traditional Scottish Accessory
Decorative pin used on the lower apron of the kilt
A wide selection of clan crested kilt pins.In ancient times, a Chief wore in battle a distinguishing badge on his helmet, a device which his followers could recognize in the turmoil of action. This is known as the Crest of the Chief and appears at the top of his Full Coat of Arms. Anyone bearing the same name as a Scottish Chief is a Clansman of the Chief and has the privilege of wearing his Crest surrounded by a Strap and Buckle Garter to denote his Clan Allegiance. The great Scottish Clans contain families who bore a different surname but were descended from the Chief through the female line. They are called Septs. Therefore anyone who has an ancestor bearing a Sept name or the Clan name itself has the privilege of wearing or displaying the Crest Badge.