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Model: A05407_PRINGLE
Clan Crest Gift Set
Kilt Accessories
Gift Sets are comprised of a Kilt Pin, Cufflinks, Sgian Dubh and a Buckle
Colour Stone
Scottish Clan Crest Gift Set Clan crests were traditionally worn in Scotland by Clan Chiefs and by followers to show the wearer's Clan allegiance. Members of a given Clan, who could be called upon to defend a Clan's interests, would often be drawn not only from those bearing the chief's name but also from many different families with different surnames. Clan allegiance was retained through the maternal line of descent. These families were called Septs and, to this day, alongside those who bear the Clan name itself, retain the right to wear the Clan crest. If your surname is of Scottish descent but not listed in the Clan names it may be a Sept name, a little research will usually reveal which Clan crest you should wear. Our lovely Clan Crest Accessory Set Gift Box is great value, containing a kilt belt buckle, cufflinks, kilt pin and ornamental sgian dubh - everything you need to complete your kilt outfit, all in a presentation gift box! The kilt belt buckle will fit all standard kilt belts and the Clan crest may be removed and used on its own as a cap badge or brooch. Stone colour may vary! All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.