Dunedin Cashmere Double Sided Bug Check Gresham-Pink Derby/Pink

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100% Extra Fine Pure Cashmere
Length: 26 inch
Reversible design: tartan and plain
Cosy and warm with an extra-soft finish
DUNEDIN CASHMERE Ladies Cashmere Reversible Mini Cape.  This stylish mini cape is a must-have in a contemporary wardrobe. Reversible design is a fantastic solution if you can't make up your mind whether you have feelings for plain colour or tartan. The use of finest cashmere makes it an exquisite garment universal enough to substitute a jumper or to provide an extra layer of warmth and chic.  Dunedin Cashmere made sure to craft this cape with passion and care for the best possible quality. Extra Fine Cashmere fiber is gathered by means of a delicate combing procedure that is only done once when a goat is aged between three and twelve months. This Collection is the ultimate luxury because of its softness and lightness.